Friday, November 22, 2013

Fundraiser for Alice

Two very sweet and thoughtful ladies are hosting ONLINE fundraisers for our sweet Alice, to help us pay for the surgery and hospital bills as well as the ongoing costs for Alice's helmets which are necessary to avoid further surgery.

Check out all the wonderful things Gold Canyon and Origami Owl have to offer (individual links below) The fundraisers will run through December 6th. Thank you so much for supporting our family.

To shop at Gold Canyon by Chrissy Harlow click the link below. *Note* You must click SHOP beside Baby Alice's Fundraiser in order for the sales to count.

A few examples of what Gold Canyon has to offer....perfect for Christmas gifts!

To shop at Origami Owl by Tammy Miller click on the link below and begin shopping directly at this page.

Just a few ideas of what you can create with Origami Owl. You can customize however you are not limited to just these choices.

This is my necklace. Charms for my 3 babies and a birthstone for my husband and I.

*If you would like to donate directly to the Alice in Cranioland fund, also for medical bills, there is a DONATE button on the right side of the blog. (Must view on desktop to see donate link)