Wednesday, September 14, 2016

3+ years neurosurgeon followup

Alice in the atrium lobby at the hospital where she had surgery

Alice had a followup with Dr Magge today. She is about 3 years 2 months post op. She has been out of her helmet for about 2 years and 2 months.
So just a brief summary of her visit...
Overall, Dr Magge didn't have any immediate concerns, meaning her brain still has the room it needs. Her head is gradually growing, although she is still in the 10th percentile. He is going to continue to monitor her. We discussed symptoms to look out for, which would indicate signs of pressure in the brain. We followup again in 6 months. We are hopeful that she won't need any more surgery but we know that is not a guarantee, just as with an 'cranio' child, no matter which type of surgery they had...the most important thing is that as soon as they opened her skull up during endoscopic surgery, her brain immediately had room to grow. Any other surgery recommended would most likely be for cosmetic reasons, which we wont consider unless it's for medical reasons.

We went to a Nationals game after her appointment today...she had SO much fun!!!
She loves baseball and wearing caps (I think her helmet had an influence on that lol)