Tuesday, July 12, 2016

3 years post op

It's so hard to believe how far we have come since we first heard the word Craniosynostosis. It felt as though time stood still that day...and everyday leading up to surgery. To this day, I get emotional about what she went through and it's sometimes hard for me to talk about it without tearing up. 

When we were told she would be in a helmet for up to a year that seemed like eternity. but here we are 3 years post op and it's been 2 years since she's been out of her helmet. It flew by and she's doing great. All that worry and just look at her, I couldn't be more proud. Now I'm not saying I don't worry. I will always worry about her, I do with my other children too, it's just a little more of a worry with her. So forgive me if I hover around her more than the average parent. I will always be protective of her and of her skull. 

We are so happy with her results and still so grateful that we fought for the endoscopic surgery and that she was a candidate for it. Thankful to Dr Magge in Washington DC, thankful to our orthotist at Hanger. Without them, it wouldn't have been possible. 

I made a video and wrote a poem to celebrate this special and emotional day.
You can view it here...