Monday, March 20, 2017

Facts about endoscopic surgery

The one thing I have tried to do is just stick to the known facts about endoscopic surgery when trying to help others. I had to research so much to get accurate factual information (instead of opinions being thrown at me) The main reason I started this blog was to make it easier to find information about endoscopic surgery. I take this same approach on social media and on support groups. All I want to do is highlight the benefits of endoscopic surgery and make people more aware that it can be done up to six months of age. I genuinely want to help people. I have learned SO much in the past 4 years since Alice was first diagnosed and I just want to share what I know.

Dr Mark Proctor is a well known neurosurgeon in Boston. Alice was scheduled to have surgery with him initially however insurance denied it because they found a doctor closer to us that would do endoscopic surgery on her. He trained under Dr Proctor, so it was a huge blessing.
Dr Proctor did a study about the benefits of endoscopic surgery for each type of craniosynostosis. This is based on his actual experience, about actual cases. It is very informative and full of FACTS. He offers both types of surgeries. I do feel like everyone needs to see a doctor that offers both types of surgeries or get 2nd or even 3rd opinions.
Here is a link to the article...

Since my daughter had unicoronal (left coronal) I need to point out how much I agree with this study. Everything that is stated has been true for our case. Dr Proctor states one of the early benefits of endoscopic surgery for coronal babies is that the nose and mouth asymmetry starts to correct quickly after surgery. Yes! It does, that is one of the first things we noticed. It was amazing to see how things shifted so quickly after the suture was opened like it should be. Also in the before picture of Alice, her left eye socket was significantly larger than her right one. This was also corrected. The brow bone correction is slower with endoscopic surgery, but I was ok with that. Knowing that immediately after surgery, my daughter's brain had room to grow. I didn't have to wait and worry for months wondering if she had pressure and also continue to watch her facial features worsen. The flattening on her brow has continued to improve each year, just as Dr Proctor stated. You have to be patient. I understand that's hard, but it is amazing to see the changes. Endoscopic surgery is a pretty natural approach, it essentially recreates the suture so that the brain can grow without being restricted. The helmet then helps to shape the skull.

The before and after photos speak for themselves,
It is truly amazing to see how far she has come.

With that being said, when searching for a surgeon who offers endoscopic surgery please make sure they are experienced. A HUGE component in the outcome of your child's results is helmet therapy. For coronal babies it is very important that they stay in the helmet for as long as possible. Alice wore hers until she was 18 months old (1 year post op) Helmet therapy is crucial after having endoscopic surgery..

This a video I made and poem I wrote for Alice's 3 year Cranioversary (3 years post op)
It shows her progress over the years. I thought I would share again.