Saturday, July 13, 2013


I feel like I can finally breathe again. These last two days have been two of the hardest days of my entire life, especially yesterday. It was hard to have patience being as nervous as Jason and I were but we had no choice. We waited from 9am until 1:15pm until she went into surgery. She had not eaten since 7am. It was almost unbearable waiting all that time and we felt horrible because she was so hungry. I am going to write a very detailed blog about yesterday's events after we get home, when I have time to collect my thoughts and share with you what we went through and post pictures of the journey. Last night Alice was not doing well and was in recovery for a very long time, longer than most, and was close to needing a blood transfusion but after a few hours she finally started to improve. I know all of your prayers helped her do a 180, so thank you all so much for keeping her in your prayers. She smiled this morning around 3am for the first time since surgery, what a relief that was! She must have known that Mommy and Daddy needed to see that sweet smile. She is very swollen and has a black eye today but you would never know it by the way she is acting. We even got a little giggle out of her today. They removed the head wrap and overall she is doing much better, her coloring came back to her face, she was ghost white last night and vomited several times. We could be going home very soon as long as her stats stay stable and she continues to eat well and be alert. We will keep you posted and I will update the blog with more info as soon as we get home. Thanks again everyone for your support.

Here is a picture of Alice and I. She's showing her displeasure about surgery before heading to the hospital. Below that is a picture of the Lincoln Memorial that we passed on the way into town. Just one of the sights we saw on the way to the hospital. Hope to come back and see more with the whole family when she has post op appointments.