Saturday, July 20, 2013

Power of Prayer

I just wanted to update everyone on Alice. She has had a pretty good week. She's had some rough nights since we have been home from the hospital but overall she is doing pretty good. She got fitted for her helmet this past Thursday. We are supposed to break her in slowly to wearing it. She absolutely hated the helmet at first but now she is adjusting to it. She gets very sweaty in the helmet but hopefully her body will adjust. She really is such a good baby and has handled everything really well this past week. It was really hard on poor Mommy and Daddy but Alice doesn't seem very bothered. It's just like everyone kept saying...babies are so resilient and they bounce back so fast. After we got home Thursday from the helmet place, I felt myself getting kind of down again. It wasn't until my dad called me to see how the appointment went when all the emotions hit and I just burst out crying. I don't know why I am so emotional about it, I guess I just hate that she has to wear it but then I keep reminding myself what the alternative would be, the much larger reconstructive surgery of her skull. Then a friend reminded me that we are still in this journey, it isn't behind us yet and it was ok to feel emotional about things still. It's just been alot...and when you add this to other things going on, it's overwhelming...but we are trying to take one day at a time. This endoscopic surgery was very hard on Jason and I and really most of the family. I pray that the worst is behind us, because I barely made it through this without collapsing , I just don't know how I will handle it if Alice has to have another surgery. We are working on decorating her helmet and personalizing it. I will post pictures soon!

Alice taking a nap in her helmet for the first time

Also, I try to keep this blog for Craniosynostosis awareness purposes only so I can help other families going through the same thing. I usually keep my personal stuff limited to my facebook page, and keep it very brief on the blog, but I do want to take time to thank each of you that have left comments on my facebook page, messaged me in forums or texted me. We appreciate every comment, prayer and offer to help us. Everyone has been so sweet and kind to us. It really means so much to us! I can't say that enough!  The prayers definitely helped sweet Alice and us through a very difficult time.

 I also asked for prayers for my Grandmother on my facebook page recently and I want to thank you all for your prayers for her as well. She has been going through a difficult time and I am so happy that she will be able to go home next weekend after being in rehab! I believe in the power of thank you so very much everyone!!!

Alice - 1 week post op

It's hard to believe this is what she looked like exactly a week ago